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Massage therapy is truly my passion. From the young to the old, I believe that I can positively contribute to the health of each. Oncology care, shoulder pains and sciatic issues are my primary areas of focus; though, I am experienced in Prenatal, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy and a few other modalities. I will always continue to learn so I may always continue to help you!

I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2013 and received my Master Therapist's degree at Hands on Therapy in Texas (where I continue to hold a license as well).

Subconsciously I have always had a natural sense of helping others to relax their mind & body from the stresses of life with simple back rubs and communication. I am fully aware of the power of touch, as we are born into it. From day one, this is how most of our discomforts were approached and soothed.

Rejuvenate your anatomy now, and move easier!

I look forward to joining you on your journey to a better you! Check out my HealthProfs Profile!


I am a recent graduate of Denver School of Massage Therapy.  I’ve always been interested in massage therapy and began the journey of following my dreams a year ago.  Before I went to school I didn’t fully understand how massage therapy could help someone heal their mind, body and soul.  It has already opened my eyes to how much the power of touch can really help someone. 

My specialties include: Prenatal massage, Deep tissue/Swedish massage and Trigger point therapy. I do chair event massage for your on-site company events or regular employee appreciation.  I also enjoy incorporating aromatherapy into the session as needed.  Since everybody is different, every massage session needs to be customized to fit what is best for you and I have the skills necessary to understand and fulfill your needs. 

Other than massaging and helping people feel better, I enjoy going camping and boating.  I have a passion for traveling.  My most recent vacation was to Jamaica and I dream about the day I can give massages on the beach.  I’ve coached basketball for 12-14 year old boys for the past 14 years.  Seeing live music, of any type, is something I have always enjoyed.

I look forward to continuing to learn and help people through all walks of their life feel better and thrive. 



My journey as a massage therapist started just after I graduated from high school. I may have been one of the youngest students at the Colorado School of Healing Arts but I felt that this was a place where I belonged. As a child I learned alternative energy techniques from my mother and I was always good at it. Certain parts of the therapy just came naturally and that continued in massage school. I haven't looked back since.

For me massage isn't just a way to relax and a special treat; it's treatment, therapy. I have been on the receiving side of all of the techniques I use. I use them because I know they work. People often ask me why I became a massage therapist and honestly, my answer is why not? I help others feel better. What is more fulfilling than that?  

I graduated from the Colorado School of Healing Arts in 2004 with an Associates Degree. My specialties include: reflexology, neuromuscular techniques, prenatal massage, aromatherapy, deep tissue and body treatments including warm stone massage. 

Some of my hobbies include: reading, hiking, travel, being outside in the sun, cooking, socializing with family and friends and playing with my dogs Spike and Chowder. My husband of eleven years, David, and I both grew up in Thornton and we love it here. I try to enjoy all aspects of my life and that is what keeps me going.


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